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PDF Editor is a editor/viewer of Portable Document Format (PDF) files. You can search PDF files, edit them, add notes, highlight sections, copy and paste, and much more.


✓ Viewing PDFs
✓ Save changes by exporting with embedded notes
✓ Highlighting important text
✓ Adding and editing notes
✓ View all your notes and highlights
✓ Taking "snapshots" for easy reference
✓ Convenient reading in full screen
✓ Handy preview of internal links
✓ Magnification tool
✓ Cropping tools
✓ Export notes as text
✓ Spotlight support
✓ Highly customizable
★★ And much more... ★★

PDF Editor currently does not edit text. We are trying our best to add that feature in the near future.

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PDF EditorPDF Editor


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