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All the tools you need to make dynamic artwork, while not limiting the creative process, whether you want to draw, paint, splash, sketch, or manipulate photos and pictures with creative ease.

Its simple and easy-to-use all in one design application that allows you to be masterful without the headaches that come with most other graphic design applications.

Add dynamic flavor to your pictures and artwork with Pixel Lab the sleek design application that allows almost unlimited possibilities for creating artwork and photo editing like a professional.

Some of the features for Pixel Lab include:

✓ Create New Drawings with no images
✓ Multiple Save options
✓ Many Load options
✓ Share via Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Twitter and Email
✓ Undo/Redo
✓ Zoom in/out
✓ Fit to screen
✓ Compare images when finished side by side with originals
✓ Draw, splash, paint and sketch
✓ Pick Tool- One Click color selection
✓ Brush Toolbox: Brush Shape, Brush Diameter, Brush Softness and Brush Opacity
✓ Effects: Blur, Sharpen, Smudge, Dodge, Color Tint, Sepia adjusted and Sponge tools including color adjustments: red, green, blue and alpha numerics
✓ One Click Cropping
✓ Rotating canvas left or right one click
✓ Text Toolbox: Control Text Font, Text Size, Text Color and Orientation
✓ Fill Features to fill all or part in draw mode and splash mode
✓ Eraser for easing brush opacity and color
✓ Color Adjustment: Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Hue, Exposure
✓ Shape Toolbox: Add different shapes to your work included are oval, rectangle, line, rounded rectangle, curved line, oval dialogue, rounded rectangle dialogue, rectangle dialogue, paint lines, dotted line, double dotted lines, triple dotted lines and arrows
✓ Refresh to take images back to original state when loaded
✓ Texture Filter: Adds material effect of the image i.e. made an image appear to be made of canvas, satin, wood, stone etc
✓ Sharpen Filter: Sharpen fuzzy images and make them crystal clear
✓ Stylize/Sketch: Alter images to look like sketches, paintings, stained glass, etc.
✓ HDR image mapping filter
✓ Mac OSX Lion Full Screen Supported

✓ Blending Options: 
•Blend Mode
•Addition Compositing
•Color Blend Mode
•Color Burn Blend Mode
•Lighten Blend Mode
•Darken Blend Mod
•Maximum Compositing
•Screen Blend Mod
•Multiply Compositing
•Exclusion Blend Mode
•Overlay Blend Mode
•Luminosity Blend Mode
•Saturation Blend Mode

✓ Distortion Effect: 
•Bump Distortion
•Circular Wrap
•Circle Splash Distortion
•Glass Distortion
•Pinch Distortion
•Hole Distortion
•Twirl Distortion
•Torus Lens Distortion

✓ Transition: 
•Bars Swipe Transition
•Copy Machine Transition
•Mod Transition 
•Dissolve Transition
•Ripple Transition
•Swipe Transition

✓ Gradient: 
•Gaussian Gradient
•Linear Gradient
•Radial Gradient

✓ Halftone Effect:
•CMYK Halftone
•Circular Screen
•Dot Screen
•Hatched Screen 
•Line Screen

✓ Tile Effect: 
•Glide Reflected Tile
•Op Tile
•Triangle Tile
•Twelvefold Reflected Tile

✓ Blur: 

✓ Sharpen:
•Sharpen Luminance
•Unsharp mask

✓ Color Effect: 
•Color Map
•Color Monochrome
•Color Posturize
•False Color

✓ Stylize:
•Edge Work

✓ Color Masking Toolbox:
•Select Form Colors and adjust by sliding scale
•Presets Toolbar - Select from a range of common colors
•Replace and change the selected masking colors by using color wheel or color presets toolbar or by adjusting the color sliders✓ Filters Toolbox:
•Sepia Filter
•Tinted Color with RGB Channel
•Sepia with customized colors

and many, many more!

Pixel Lab supports HDR: PNG, JPEG, GIF, TIFF and BMP files.

Thank you so much for your support

Screen Shots

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